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8: Omer, Raz & Suski


Lake, Small Studio


Mate - Adjustment (Justice)

Raz - Lust (Strength)

Suski - The Son

We decided to treat Azathoth with lightness, inspired by Suski's observation of "6: Collective Tuning" that we seem softer and more engaged in the tune-in-warm-ups, which we tend to lose towards the runs as we "get serious".

We are also thinking of three general vectors: 1. Exaggeration, spectra of intelligibility, making the fantasy clear as individuals and a group. 2. Playing with themes and motifs. 3. Expanding the limits of Azathoth in terms of ebbs and flows, intensities and volumes, by making radical choices and integrating more approaches. (And a sub vector of finding inter/relations/communications as mutli-dimensional-beings with tentacular perception but also by supporting the practice of the fantasy with ways of signaling and exclaiming within Azathoth.)

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