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Omer Keinan
with Tal Nof, Tamar Kisch, Steffi van Bokhoven

A repeating structure is set as a charged canvas for nuanced change and evolution, as the performers’ score increases in intensity and complexity; gradually revealing oppression and violence within the innocent monotony. Based on the score of ‘Quad’ by Samuel Beckett. Inspired by the novel ‘From the New World’ by Yusuke Kishi, and the animated series by the same name by A-1 Pictures. Music from Symphony No. 9 by Antonín Dvořák.

Big thanks to Yoram Karmi, Noa Sarig, and Lior Avizoor.

Premiered at ‘Fourth Floor’ (2017, IL) in collaboration with ‘Fresco House of Dance and Culture’, Tel Aviv. Performed at ‘Performa’ in Studio Naim, Tel Aviv and ‘Online Performance Art’ volume 8.

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