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Omer Keinan
with Máté Asbót, Raz Mantell, Susanna Ylikoski
and Roi Becker

Azathoth is a meditation on the elation and horror of the unknowable, contemplating creation through chaos. The practitioners – movers and musicians alike – embody individual journeys within a collective mythology. Their continuous transformation at the limit of communication, inviting the audience to adventure through the expanses of meaning-making. Beckoning the “void”, we sought to undertake a process in which form and content found harmony. For a piece to portray chaos it must itself function through chaos, proposing the practice-based research question: How do we devise a practice/performance that is both rigorously improvised and dramaturgically coherent and complex? An experiment which engendered the interplay of practices and theories accumulated over three years of a performance laboratory, and the development of new performance technique anchored in cosmicism - a grappling with reality as an endlessly complex whole, beyond control and comprehension.

Big thanks to Nitzan Cohen and Nava Zuckerman, nein9 kollektiv, Peter Pleyer and DOCK ART, and the many practitioners and friends who have taken part in developing the practices, theories, and methodologies at the heart of this process.


Premiered at DOCK ART (DE) in March 2022 during “Blank Check Festival” in collaboration with nein9 kollektiv. A revised version performed June 2022 at DOCK ART.  

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