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5: Mate and Suski 2


Lake, Big Studio


Mate - The Aeon

Suski - The Hermit 

(Thoth Deck)

Each practitioner draws a card from the Major Arcana which accompanies them throughout the experiments. The cards are a catalyst and anchor for one’s experimentation with embodying the mythology of Azathoth; their experiencing, expressing, and tinkering. In these duets, we are experimenting with the interrelations and compositions of the two practitioners and their two cards.

We began the tune-in-warm-up with twenty-five minutes of individual time.  We then invite an idea to manifest/stabilize and suspend it, so we may tinker with it. We try a process of spiraling-out, the "image" expanding in information and detail, cognitive and visceral and beyond - transforming. Intuitively, we find our way into interrelating and collectivity. On to a process of spiraling-in, the "image" distilled to its very essence: an emotion, intention, alignment, state, and so on. Then, we play with a continuous chain of spiraling in and out, the “images” saturated/dilated, manipulated as they expand and contract. Finally, a couple minutes of free play.

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