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5: Omer, Raz & Suski


Lake, Big Studio


Omer - The Hanged Man

Raz - The Sun

Suski - The Hermit

(Thoth Deck)

Each practitioner draws a card from the Major Arcana which accompanies them throughout the experiments. The cards are a catalyst and anchor for one’s experimentation with embodying the mythology of Azathoth; their experiencing, expressing, and tinkering. In this trio, we experiment with projecting the card onto the other practitioners; “giving” the card to someone else instead of, the perhaps more common approach, to “take” the card yourself. Two ways of relating to and becoming with the card, and more generally with Azathoth.

We began the tune-in-warm-up with twenty-five minutes of individual time.  We then invite an idea to manifest/stabilize and suspend it, so we may tinker with it. We try a process of spiraling-out, the "image" expanding in information and detail, cognitive and visceral and beyond - transforming. Intuitively, we find our way into interrelating and collectivity. On to a process of spiraling-in, the "image" distilled to its very essence: an emotion, intention, alignment, state, and so on. Then, we play with a continuous chain of spiraling in and out, the “images” saturated/dilated, manipulated as they expand and contract. Finally, a couple minutes of free play.

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