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Mythologies: Open Sessions
Omer Keinan with Erika Kooki Filia, Susanna Ylikoski, and Lena Klink


We would like to invite you to participate in a series of performance laboratory sessions,
sharing the practices and research at the heart of our current creation process.


Each session begins with a preparatory exercise, tuning into a specific mode of experimentation through the interplay of visualization and somatic practices. Then, we engage with mythological literature and explore it through framed improvisation sessions, negotiating a collective sense of reality and its signification. Finally, we attempt to do the same with stories from the everyday lives of the practitioners, reading these cultural texts as mythologists; excavating and weaving their latent, subtextual motivations, asking: How do they inform and alter our understanding of interaction with the world and its inhabitants?

Through this process, we aim to develop:

  • A practice-led investigation of “embodied mythic speech” and “mythology in practice” in relation to the writings of Jacques Lacan, Mircea Eliade, and Roland Barthes.

  • Practices and performance technique of/for imagining through movement, drawing on dance, theater, and choreographic practices, alongside somatic and psychoanalytic practices.

  • Models and terminology for discussing and tinkering with embodied knowledge, exploring its applications and implications for performance making and the practice of everyday life.

  • Methodologies for conducting practice-led research and formulating a deep and wide understanding of the underlying mechanisms of embodied practice, the kinds of experimentation they afford, and utilizing these understandings to further the research projects of myself and my artistic community.











The sessions are held as part of the P.A.R.T.S. SummerResidencies:
25-27.07.2023, 11:00-14:00.
Practitioners are welcome to join any combination of dates free of charge.

Contact me via Instagram or email for further information (info at page footer).

To download the invitation, press here.

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