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Performance Laboratory



Welcome to this research catalogue, detailing an ongoing and emergent performance laboratory processes. The catalogue includes videos from rehearsals and performances, alongside various texts detailing the concepts explored and practices utilized; segmented by the various research endeavors and topics, each segment providing further material and information. This project is intended to foreground the complex knowledge found in all acts of practice and artmaking, aiming to engender and encourage a community of research and exchange.

​A significant aspect of the practice-led research methodology is the:



After each rehearsal, the practitioners are invited to reflect on and through the videos and upload their reflections to the collection through an entry form. The goal is tracing certain embodied knowledge that can only be observed through introspection and facilitating the interaction of these knowledges between practitioners. 




A speculative somatic-movement practice based on the practice of Nen: a technique that allows a living being to use and manipulate their own life energy (known as aura), allowing them to can craft a great variety of parapsychological abilities. Nen is an artificial practice which serves as the core power system of the anime Hunter X Hunter.

This practice is part of what I call "Ninjutsu Exercises": Forms-of-practice drawing on power systems and training sequences from, primarily Shonen, anime and manga. They are meant to challenge the practitioners' attention and capacities with the aim of rigorously stimulating embodied technique, potentially foregrounding, even yielding, new forms performance technique. Otherwise, to explore the tension between the speculative and material, the fantastic and real.











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