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Performance Laboratory
Reflections Collection

Nen 5.2

Sofia Pouchtou

1. What do I see?

It is a story with a narration based on the relations created consciously or unconsiously at the moment. I see us listening to ourselves and to each other, without having any limitation on the way we can connect...actually that's the interesting thing in this practice that you cannot but connect with the other bodies and energies in the room ( energies in the sense of a compact nen). I see indivuals but also a collective movement, structures in space made both by luck and decision, personalities changing according to what they sense/feel/imagine. I see us thinking, maybe questioning what we experience while diving more and more into it as the time passes. I see us shifting the space, creating worlds into a World and if i were i spectator, that did not know the idea behind the practice, I could understand/see that there is something that connects the practiotioners. I see a starting point and an end to each state that we explore but also to the practice as a whole.

Nen 2.1

Saggie Gorfung

2. Which moments "work" for me and why?

When the connection between the imaginary experience, senses and the exterior stimuli become fluid, a realm of new possibilities and creativity are reached. This for me breaks the forces of habit and allow a state of being present which is interesting to watch.

Nen 3.4

Maya tor

2. Which moments "work" for me and why?

I really liked the moments where people moved on the same frequency for example between 09:05 to 09:25

i could really sense unity of frequency of movement between me Amit and Sagie which were across the room from me and between the other three in the middle of the room. this moment of silence is so satisfying in my eyes and also really interesting to watch it as a group and as individuals exploring and experiencing the the same ideas in different points of view.


Nen 2.3

Gal Varon

3. What am I playing with?

I'm playing with presence and transparency, with control and flow. And trying to see how timing binds it all together


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